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quartz clean launched in 2021 to provide consumers with the confidence to clean and remove stains from their quartz countertops, naturally. With over 18 years’ experience in the quartz industry, the quartz clean founders recognised the lack of know-how and assurance when it came to effectively cleaning quartz surfaces – and the fact that there was little to no choice when it came to more natural formulations made specifically for quartz surface. This issue took on a significant personal impact due to the founder’s family health issue caused by exposure to household cleaning chemicals.


Enter quartz clean. This unique range was born of a passion and drive to create an effective, safe, naturally derived quartz cleaning solution, while raising consumer awareness of the potentially harmful ingredients in our cleaning products. With a thorough knowledge of engineered quartz and its market, the quartz clean team knew that a naturally based product must perform as effectively as chemical-loaded alternatives. This was also essential given the product would be widely used in kitchens and for food preparation surfaces.


To bring its vision to fruition, the quartz clean team sought out manufacturers with a like-minded focus on organic and natural ingredients, as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in both contents and packaging. The team included experts in sourcing and blending essential oils to precisely distil their dual benefits of potent cleaning and aromatherapy properties. By 2020, two products had been formulated, with more products in development.


quartz clean Everyday Surface Cleaner and Deep Clean Surface Cream are proudly Australia’s first safe, healthy alternative currently available to clean engineered quartz, in fact all stone surfaces including popular porcelain. And it’s essential to know that what isn’t in quartz clean’s formulation is equally as important as what is. 


As well as being a healthy and hardworking surface cleaning solution, the quartz clean duo comes with an added treat: a sense of luxury. There’s something a bit special about this beautifully packaged pair with their uplifting fragrance, which can transform ordinary quartz surface cleaning into a happy housework experience. Yes, you read that right. To try the quartz clean set for yourself, visit our online store.