qc cares for the environment

Care. It’s at the heart of all things ‘quartz clean.’ And quartz clean’s fresh approach to cleaning and maintaining engineered quartz and stone surfaces is not just about caring for people, they’re also about being kind to the environment.

The quartz clean team also sources the most pure and natural essential oils using as many local, sustainably harvested ingredients as we can get our hands on. These are precisely blended in our naturally derived formulation to create two healthy, hardworking quartz cleaning products: Everyday Surface Cleaner and Deep Clean Surface Cream.

Nine essential oils – Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus Globulus, Lemon Myrtle, Siberian Fir, Lime Cold Pressed, Peppermint Tasmanian, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang Complete and Tonka Bean –combine to create an uplifting, citrussy scent that smells way more luxury fragrance than household cleaning product. quartz clean has been crafted with care to harness the potent natural cleaning power of nine pure essential oils – and to deliver added aromatherapy benefits that transform an everyday chore into a luxurious, mood-enhancing sensory experience. 
From quartz clean HQ in Sydney, Australia, quartz clean has developed beautiful apothecary-style bottles and packaging using only recycled and sustainable materials, so they’re easy on the earth as well as easy on the eye. theinteriorsaddict.com recently featured quartz clean among an inspiring shortlist of cleaning products that are environmentally conscious, effective and stylish. Take a look at the article and all the amazing products that made the cut here; quartz clean is in great company!

Quality quartz clean products offer a unique cleaning experience for people with an environmental conscience, and who are mindful of their health, to clean with confidence. And beyond the feel-good experience of cleaning with planet- and people-friendly products, quartz clean delivers outstanding results. Beyond engineered quartz kitchen benchtops, the quartz clean dynamic duo cleans and maintains all kinds of stone, porcelain, ceramics and glass for sparkling, fragrant surfaces throughout the home.

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