healthy solution to clean quartz surfaces

At last, quartz benchtop cleaning products with an eye on your health.

Did you know that toxic chemicals in many of our everyday household cleaners can cause health problems? These can range from mild, such as headaches and skin rashes to serious issues, such as sensory loss – and worse. It’s time to open your eyes to a healthier way to clean quartz and stone benchtops: quartz clean.

Australia’s only naturally derived cleaning product, quartz clean is dedicated to providing a safer surface cleaning and maintenance solution. The quartz clean crew’s mission is also to help raise awareness of issues connected to cleaning with potentially harmful substances. This originates from the founder’s recognition that there was little to no choice when it came to more natural formulations made specifically for quartz surfaces. This issue took on a significant personal impact when one of the founder’s close family members suffered a devastating health issue caused by exposure to household cleaning chemicals.
So, what isn’t in quartz clean is as important as what is. You won’t see a long list of scary sounding chemicals on quartz clean labels – but you will see nine pure and natural essential oils. The precisely formulated blend harnesses the dual benefits of each essential oil for potent cleaning power with the added luxury of a divine, therapeutic fragrance of citrus, peppermint and eucalyptus, formulated to enhance your wellbeing and self-care. You’ll love the mood enhancing minty, citrus fragrance, while the pure natural oils make light work of cleaning and maintaining benchtops.

A common question people have when it comes to naturally derived and eco-friendly cleaning products is: “can they clean as well as products that are laden with chemicals ingredients?” With quartz clean, the answer is a resounding Yes! quartz clean harnesses the powerful properties of essential oils to deliver an equal clean to chemical-based cleaners, without compromise. And yet quartz clean is so gentle on people, you can even ditch the rubber gloves without fear of harming your skin – imagine trying that with a regular surface cleaner!

quartz clean comes in a beautiful – and recyclable – package containing product duo Everyday Surface Cleaner, 500ml and Deep Clean Surface Cream, 125ml at $34.95 for the set.
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“I applied this product to our kitchen benchtop and was delighted with the result. I have been using another stone cleaner for some time but found that your product has given my benchtop a far superior finish…”
– L Jones

“This stuff is the bee’s knees. Removes stains, doesn’t leave streaky residue and smells sooo good.”
– Carly Jade

This is just some of the great feedback we’ve had from happy customers. We’d love to hear from you about your quartz clean experience.

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